Running Through Empty Streets: Connection and Love in the Time of COVID

I don’t remember things in a linear way.

That’s probably why I’ve never written a book.

I get overwhelmed by the details of a story and making sure everything is 100% aligned with my memories. Eventually, I just get frustrated and give up.

However, I wanted to write today because…

“The high is in the ordinary.”

I was once what Erving Goffman called an “action seeker.” I loved to be in bars because they were spaces where the action was happening.

Even working in Times Square for so many years, I stayed there by-in-large because I liked the constant stimulus…

A big thing a lot of my clients struggle with (and people struggle with in general) is comparing themselves and their individual journeys to the journeys of others.

I have to admit, I have been this way. I was this way for years.

If you knew me a decade ago…

As I sit here this morning, putting off editing Monday’s podcast (which is going to be a great one, by the way, for those of you who are looking to drink a little less,) I got to thinking about my senior year of undergrad when I interned at MTV in…

Andee Scarantino

I’m an unconventional thinker with quick wit. Coach. Sociologist. Mindset shift guru. Creator of and the Get The F*ck Off Podcast

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