After reading the comments, I feel like my point got way lost in the way I wrote this. This was more about the 5K and the enormous clout it holds in society before people ever enter the running world. They “know what it is.” They’ve heard of it. I made a joke about running “my first 5K” after I’d been running races for nearly a year- I never has run a 5K yet- and most of my friends were like “wow! Congratulations! That’s amazing!” It was all very strange and off-putting. I guess what I was going for with the article was to say that sedentary society has built up the 5K distance so much that IT seems daunting- just by the rhetoric around it. Because of this people don’t generally want to start with a bigger goal- when the human body is certainly capable of it. Reading the comments on this piece, this apparently got totally lost. And that’s OK. It makes me a better writer to see where I made mistakes. Also- re: plenty of people- that was also part of the point. I wanted to encourage “plenty of people” to aim higher, set their standards higher, believe more of themselves. But, I guess that also didn’t come through. Thanks for your feedback! It’s very helpful.

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